WI to End PPWI’s Contract for Preventive Services

Governor Scott Walker’s administration recently announced that it will no longer contract with Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin (PPWI) as a part of the Wisconsin Well Woman Program. Under the Well Woman Program, in which PPWI has served as a state contractor for the past 16 years, women without insurance between the ages of 45 and 64 can get referrals for breast cancer, cervical cancer, and multiple sclerosis screenings at no cost.

PPWI indicated that this will effect over 1,000 women seeking cancer care from the organization. Teri Huyuck, president and CEO of Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin, stated, “The politics behind Governor Walker’s plan to end Planned Parenthood’s service to the Wisconsin Well Woman Program, both in care coordination and direct provision of cancer screenings and referral is becoming clearer. We urge Governor Walker and Secretary Smith to hear the voices of our patients and our community partners, asking them to put women’s health above their personal politics and maintain Planned Parenthood’s role in providing access to life-saving cancer screenings.”

The change is expected to go into effect in January 2012.


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