Woman Appointed Civilian Police Adviser for UN Peacekeeping

Kiran Bedi, India’s first woman police officer and the current Special Commissioner of the Delhi police, has been appointed Civilian Police Adviser in the Department of Peacekeeping at the UN. Bedi is the first woman to hold the position. The assignment includes oversight of training and legal aspects of UN policing. Bedi is an important voice for innovative policing, prison reform, and women’s rights in India and in Asia. She is the recipient of the Ramon Magsaysay Award for Government Service, the Joseph Beus Foundation Award, the Morrison Tom Gitchoff Award, and the Asian Region Award for Drug Prevention & Control. In addition to her professional contributions to improving the quality of policing in India, Bedi is the founder of two voluntary organizations that provide primary education for poor children, and run adult literacy programs and vocational training in inner cities, rural areas and prisons. The United Nations recently granted Kiran Bedi the Serge Sotiroff Memorial Award for drug abuse prevention, a further testament to the international recognition for Bedi and her organizations. Bedi holds a law degree and a PhD in the field of drug abuse and domestic violence.


www.OutlookIndia.com, 01/11/03

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