Woman Astronaut Hopeful Fights for Her Place in Space

At 63 years old, Jerry Cobb has an endless string of accomplishments. She is a record-setting pilot, a consultant for NASA, and one of the first female astronaut trainees, but after 38 years, she is still waiting for the chance to go to space.

“I would give my life to fly in space, I really would,” commented Cobb.

For months, NASA has been deluged by mail from supporters, who went so far as to start the “Send Jerrie Into Space” campaign, urging officials to assign Cobb to a space shuttle flight.

Cobb insists she just wants “the same chance” as astronaut John Glenn, who flew his historic mission at age 77. Following her training as a “Female Lady Astronaut Trainee” (FLAT), Cobb became a consultant for NASA, traveling around the country rounding up support for the space program. In 1995, 32 years after the Soviet Union launched the first woman into space, Air Force Lt. Col. Eilee became NASA’s first woman space commander.


AP - July 13, 1998

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