Woman Catches Flasher with a Flash

On May 23rd, Myko Kona was flashed by a handyman who had stopped to ask her for directions. Jimmy Robert Jewell exposed himself and also began masturbating. Kona, however, had a disposable camera ready and quickly took pictures of him, his actions and the license plate on his van. Jewell tried to grab her through the passenger side window of his van after she took the pictures, but she broke free and ran away. With her pictures, the police were able to identify Jewell and track him down to his home in San Pedro, California. Jewell, already on parole for a drug conviction, was arrested and charged with assault with a deadly weapon (the van) and indecent exposure. He told police that he had exposed himself ten to twelve other times since he had been released from prison.


Associated Press - June 12,1997

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