Woman Enters France’s Race for President

Segolene Royal, 53, won France’s Socialist Party nomination last night by an overwhelming majority of 61 percent. Royal, the current president of the region Poitou-Charentes, will most likely be running against Nicolas Sarkozy, the current interior minister and head of the Union for a Popular Movement party, in next April’s election, Herald Sun reports. According to the Herald Sun, current polls show Royal and Sarkozy running neck-and-neck.

Prior to her presidency of the region of Poitou-Charentes, Royal served as environment minister and minister of the family. She is the only French woman to ever have had a substantial chance of becoming France’s first woman president. Last night after her tremendous victory, Royal said, “It’s the people who launched this. It’s the activists from the core who launched this movement and who today are giving this strength and giving me this momentum,” according to EuroNews.


EuroNews 11/17/06; Herald Sun 11/18/06

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