Woman Sues GOP for Lewd Behavior

Former GOP fund-raiser Deborah Henson has launched $21.5 million lawsuit against the Republican National Committee amid allegations supported by colleagues that the environment at the RNC headquarters is hostile to women, people of color, and homosexuals. The suit alleges, “The RNC maintains a work place wherein sexual, racial, homophobic, appearance-based and anti-Semitic comments, jokes and horseplay are commonplace, tolerated and encouraged.”

Henson, a fund-raiser with a long history with the GOP, spent five months at party headquarters and says she was not given a full-time job in the RNC because she was overweight and a woman. The lawsuit describes numerous accounts of “lewd and offensive” behavior including an allegation that RNC Finance Director Albert Mitchler fondled women and made them sit on his lap. The RNC denies the allegations.


USA Today - March 22, 1996

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