Woman Won Afghan Singing Competition for the First Time

A woman has won Afghan singing competition, Afghan Star, for the first time in the shows 14-year run. Zahra Elham, an 18 year old and from the Hazara ethnic minority group, beat out her male opponent for first place.

As Elham claimed victory, she said “today I represent all the girls of Afghanistan. Today not only Zahra Elham but all the girls of Afghanistan have won.” This comes amid the peace talks between the U.S. and the Taliban, as women are fearful of the Taliban returning to power and losing their hard-earned rights. The Taliban do not support shows such as Afghan Star, women would not be allowed to participate in acts such as singing under a Taliban rule.

Afghan Star is comparable to American Idol, it is one of the most popular television shows in Afghanistan. Elham’s win is a landmark victory for women in Afghanistan.


Media Resources:  Gulf News 3/22/19; TOLO News 3/22/19

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