Women Attacked by Mob in Central Park

Seven women were attacked by a rowdy group of 15 to 20 men in New York’s Central Park this Sunday evening, in the midst of a crowd gathered to watch a parade and enjoy the summer weather. In a confusing period of about 30 minutes, the men targeted women, surrounding at least seven individuals in four separate attacks. The police called the group “near riotous,” and witnesses reported that the men sprayed women passing by with water guns, tearing at their clothing, and even removing the skirt and underpants from one woman. They proceeded to grope the women, sexually abusing one of them, and robbed gold chains, a purse, and $200. Police are investigating the incident, and have already arrested 24-year-old Dave Rowe of Hempstead NY and 23-year-old Tremayne Bain of Brooklyn. The two were charged with second-degree robbery, first-degree sexual abuse and second-degree aggravated sexual abuse.


Associated Press - June 13, 2000 and New York Times -

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