Women Executives Earning More, But Not As Much As Male Counterparts

Though women continue to earn only 71 one cents to the male dollar, women executives are making some headway. A new Working Women Magazine report has found that the twenty highest paid female executives all earn over $1 million. Last year, only seven of the twenty highest paid women executives earned $1 million or more. The highest paid woman, Linda Wachner, earns $11.16 million for heading Warnaco-Authentic Fitness. Carol St. Mark, President of Pitney Bowes Business Services, rounds out the top twenty with $1.33 million. Even in executive positions however, women still earn less than men. According to Businnessweek Magazine’s list of top twenty executives, Lawrence Coss earned $65.5 million in salary and bonuses for heading Green Tree Financial. And Wayne Calloway rounded up the top twenty by earning $11.20 million for heading up Pepsi Co.


Los Angeles Times - December 17, 1996

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