Women From Around Globe Shared Strategies, Says NGO Forum Director Irene Santiago

At the final press conference for the NGO Forum, Irene Santiago, Executive Director, said the Forum had been an extraordinary gathering where women “shared their strategies, research, their knowledge of technology, information and connected the local to the global.”

Over 30,000 women registered and participated in the Forum where 4,500 workshops, panels and plenaries were conducted. Santiago said that women also demonstrated they had not just one “plan for action,” but instead introduced “many plans” for women to enter politics in unprecedented numbers, to use computer technology to communicate as never before and to form global alliances to help each other.

“The difference between the women’s conference in 1975 and this conference in 1995 is that in 1975 women just tried to make their voices heard. Now, in 1995 we are putting our issues on the public agenda. And the women’s issues are not isolated, single problem issues. Women’s issues are the whole global agenda,” concluded Santiago. ——————————————————————————–


Colleen Dermody, FMF

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