Women Hillary Clinton Supporters Victorious

Women supporters of Senator Hillary Clinton have won their battle to put Clinton into nomination for President at the Democratic National Convention. Clinton is the first woman to compete in all primary contests and will likely garner a historic number of votes at the convention. In a press release, Kim Gandy of the National Organization for Women reacted to the decision: “Women will not be fully equal until we break every last glass ceiling…Hillary Clinton proved that electing a woman president is within our grasp. Having her delegates tallied at the convention will ensure that this important step in history will never be forgotten.”

A number of groups were created after Clinton suspended her campaign on June 7 that, among other goals, aimed to place Clinton’s name into nomination at the convention. Amy Siskind, a founding member of one of these groups, Together4Us, was also involved this week in the founding of The New Agenda, a “non-partisan organization to advance women’s issues” that includes many Clinton supporters.

According to Siskind, The New Agenda aims to not only engage in voter registration drives centered around women’s issues, but also to “persuade candidates for the presidency, Senate and House to incorporate a number of women’s rights goals and policies into their platforms” and, in the long term, to “cultivate and groom women to run for public office at all levels of government – including the presidency.”


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