Women in Zimbabwe Protest Economic Hardships

Nearly 200 Zimbabwean women were arrested following their participation in a march against President Mugabe, economic crises in the country and human rights violations. Led by Women of Zimbabwe Arise (WOZA), activists marched through the city of Bulawayo on Valentine’s Day in protest of the hardships faced by women and children. The “bread and roses” protest drew attention to food shortages with protestors handing out roses as a call for peace in Zimbabwe. The country has the world’s highest rate of inflation, currently 613 percent, as well as nearly 70 percent unemployment and recurring shortages of food and other basic necessities.

WOZA has held a Valentine’s Day march for the past three years, despite the country’s ban on public demonstrations without police permission.


Associated Press 2/14/06; Reuters 2/14/06; South Africa Independent Online 2/14/06

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