Women More Active In Markets by 2010

According to a Reuters survey, more women will work in financial markets by the year 2010 and could become the managers of the future. The survey shows that women are moving into higher-powered positions and have more flexibility in employment advancement.

Reuters also found that financial market jobs like trading, brokering and dealing, historically dominated by men, will be slow to accept women in the future.

The main obstacle to women’s advancement is and will continue to be adequate childcare. Diana Wolfin, who heads a “Women in Management” course at London’s University of Westminster, notes that working mothers are under increasing pressure to work long hours in the financial markets in order to prove they are committed to their jobs.

The Internet is seen as the greatest asset to women’s advancement in the areas that correspond with internet commerce. “With information technology becoming more readily available, an individual’s ability to gather and synthesize information will be the main determinant of success,” according to one economist surveyed. “Women are moving up so rapidly they’ve got a momentum which in many respects is taking them past the men, making them the leaders of the new ‘revolution’,” he continued.


Reuters - December 14, 1999

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