Women Slowly Making Progress in Workplace

A new study conducted by the Population Reference Bureau has found that women have made slow progress toward achieving equity with men in the workplace. The study found that between 1970 and 1995 the share of women 25 to 54 who work outside the home climbed from 50 percent to 76 percent. Women have also continued to increase their numbers among college graduates. In 1993, among whites, women earned 54 percent of bachelors degrees and 44 percent of doctoral degrees in 1994. Among African-Americans, women earned 63 percent of bachelor degrees and 55 percent of doctoral degrees in 1994. The study also found, however, that women continue to remain responsible for the majority of housework, even as their hours at work are increasing. Women also continue to face a large wage gap.


The Nando Times - January 3, 1997]

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