Women Support Whitman

Republican New Jersey Governor Christine Todd Whitman is enjoying strong support from women for the upcoming election.

At a “Women for Whitman” rally in New Bruswick, “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” played in the background while almost 2,000 women shouted “Four more years.” Her campaign spokesman Pete McDonough said Whitman had “bridged the gender gap that confronts most Republican candidates.” Even fellow Republican Peggy Noonan supports her, despite the fact Noonan is anti-abortion and Whitman is pro-choice.

Whitman is supported by the nonpartisan Women’s Campaign Fund (WCF) and the bipartisan National Women’s Political Caucus. “The women of New Jersey deserve a leader dedicated to protecting their rights,” said Marjorie Margioles-Mezvinsky, president of the WCF.

Acknowledging that they “have some work to do in that area,” opposing candidate Jim McGreevey’s camp said they were “redoubling efforts to reach women.” Democrats such as Sen. Frank Lautenberg are criticizing Whitman about her treatment of sexual harassment. “The governor appointed at least two people charged with sexual harassment, sexual impropriety, without a thorough investigation or public airing of the facts. Think about the message that sends to victims of sexual harassment. We find it very unsettling.”


AP - October 15, 1997

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