Women Tennis Champions Receive Less Money Than Male Counterparts

Wimbeldon will give out $12.7 million in prizes this year, but women will receive less in total prize money than men, purely based on their sex. While $6.29 million is slated for men, only $5.32 million will go to female winners. The men’s champion will end up taking home $756,000, but the women’s champion will receive $700,000. All England Club Chairman Tim Phillips did not see any concern for the disparity. “I do think we are being fair,” explained Phillips. “There are no other tournaments with equal prize money and we are not sure there are many other sporting events with equal parity in terms of men and women.” Neither Wimbeldon nor the French Open pays equal prize money to men and women, but the U.S. Open and Australian Open do. When asked about these tournaments, Phillips said they were “out of line.”


Associated Press, 4/23/02

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