Women to Vote on Breast Implant Settlement

Dow Corning Corp. is seeking approval of a $3.17 billion settlement that would end most silicone breast implant lawsuits filed against the company. The company sent ballots to an estimated 170,000 women around the world, asking them to either approve or reject their settlement offer. Voters have until May 14 to respond.

Under the settlement plan, women who had their implants removed after Dec. 31, 1990 would receive a one-time $5,000 payment. Women whose implants ruptured would be eligible for $25,000 if that implant was removed either prior to the plan’s instatement or two years past that date. Women who have suffered medical disease as a result of their implants are eligible for an award of $12,000-$300,000, depending on severity.

The agreement allows for some women to file individual suits even if the plan is approved.


Reuters - March 15, 1999

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