Women’s Rights Leader May Lose Seat in Congress

Despite adamant protests from women’s rights groups such as the Feminist Majority, the New York State Legislature has approved a redistricting map that eliminates Representative Louise Slaughter’s (D-NY) seat in the US Congress. The new districting plan comes after New York lost two seats in the House of Representatives due to population changes. Slaughter, who has long been a champion for women’s rights, will likely face fellow Democratic incumbent Rep. John LaFalce in order to stay in Congress. All sides are preparing for a court battle.

The new map combines the districts of both Slaughter and LaFalce, including the cities of Rochester and Buffalo, into a single Congressional district. “In my judgment, this map is a grave disservice to the people of these two very different communities. Court cases are now being filed to challenge this proposal,” Slaughter wrote in an email to her supporters. “If it stands, however, I fully intend to run for re-election in the new district.”

During her tenure as a House member, Slaughter has fought tirelessly for women, including introducing legislation to provide women with public education about emergency contraception, taking the lead on bills to reduce global sex trafficking, and making efforts to increase the availability and affordability of childcare. She is also the vice-chairwoman of the Congressional Caucus on Women’s Issues and sits on the Rules Committee, that often decides how and when a bill is heard in the House.


Media Sources: Washington Times 6/4/02; Email from Louise Slaughter to National Council of WomenÕs Organizations, 06/06/02

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