Women’s Caucus Criticizes Compromises in New International Criminal Court

Woman’s groups are concerned that delays in the establishment of the International Criminal Court (ICC) will lead to compromises in women’s civil liberties.

According to Eleanor Conda of the Women’s Caucus, the sluggish pace of the 5-week conference on the ICC allows governments to attempt to adopt compromises that would weaken the Court. Key issues being discussed are whether the ICC will need the permission of involved states before trying their cases and whether the Security Council can remove items from the Court’s docket. “Justice cannot be compromised away,” Conda said.

Gender balance on the Court is another hot topic; while some governments want to emphasize the criminal trial experience of candidate judges, at least 23 governments recognize that adherence to legal experience would exclude many women, especially those from countries with traditional gender roles. These countries favor a gender-balanced Court.


FAV News - July 1, 1998

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