Women’s Groups, Legislators Announce “Contract with Women of the USA”

To fight back punitive anti-woman policies, the Women’s Environment and Development Organization (WEDO) and the Center for Women Policy Studies (CWPS) announced their “Contract with Women of the USA” on March 7, the eve on International Women’s Day. The Contract contains twelve principles and commitments to shape policies that advance women’s equality, economic security and power-sharing. The release of the contract began a national grassroots mobilization campaign to make women’s concerns a central issue in policy-making and elections at the local, state, and federal levels. Women in six states also announced their participation in the campaign and the development of state contracts that reflect local and state priorities.

Already endorsed by more than 80 women’s organizations, a multi-partisan group of state and federal agencies and other individuals, the Contract calls for economic, social, and political equality for women, higher living standards, access to full reproductive rights and health care and an end to discrimination and violence against women.


WEDO/CWPS Press Release - March 7, 1996

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