Women’s Health and Abortion Rights Activism

The ILLINOIS WESLEYAN Leadership Alliance hosted an AIDS Awareness Week, to commemorate International AIDS Awareness Day on December 1st. This innovative public education campaign included informational flyers, condom goodie bags, and an HIV and STD lottery, which raised awareness about the escalating number of people, infected with HIV and STDs. The weeklong event ended with a Student Government sponsored lecture featuring former Olympic diver and activist Greg Louganis.

The BRANDEIS UNIVERSITY Leadership Alliance mobilized their campus to understand the threats to abortion access internationally by hosting a very successful panel discussion on the Global Gag Rule. On his first day in office, President Bush issued the Global Gag Rule, prohibiting international family planning programs from receiving U.S. funding if they provide information, referrals, or counseling on abortion, even if they use their own funds to do so. To learn more about international family planning, abortion access and reproductive rights, and to take action, visit the Choices Campus Community, http://www.feministcampus.org/sam6.asp.

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