Women’s Ordination Conference Holds Rome Press Conference

The Women’s Ordination Conference (WOC) held a press conference today in Rome in support of full inclusion of women in the Catholic Church. The WOC seeks for the Church to fully allow women to serve as bishops, deacons and priests and to increase women’s representation in the ‘Synod of Bishops.’

In a statement WOC Executive Director Aisha Taylor said, “Why does it matter that women are excluded from ordination? It matters because the ban on women’s ordination is a blatant example of sexism. It matters because the Vatican has enormous cultural political influence in International affairs, with a seat at the United Nations and the ability to meet nearly at whim with many powerful heads of state. Without women’s experiences in most church decision making bodies, the Vatican’s influence on public policy regarding women’s issues around the world, especially in developing countries with large Catholic populations, has been devastated.”


Women's Ordination Conference 10/15/08

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