Women’s Radio Station Relaunched in Afghanistan; Resources Needed

The Voice of Afghan Women, an Afghan radio station devoted to the interests of women, has been re-launched in Afghanistan. According to BBC News, the radio station first started in 2001 after the fall of the Taliban, but lost its funding and was taken off the air.

The station’s director, Jamileh Mujahed, was the first Afghan woman broadcaster who announced the fall of the Taliban on television in 2001. Mujahed told BBC News that women’s rights issues such as forced marriages, violence against women, and women’s political and social participation will be regularly discussed on the station. The station also hopes to tackle sensitive cultural issues such as so-called “honor” killings and divorce, reports IRIN News.

The German Development Center has provided the station with the necessary funding to be on the air again in Kabul and some key provinces near the capital; however, according to IRIN News, the station still suffers from a lack of funding to sustain itself and resources such as equipment.

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