Women’s Rights Groups Use Internet to Fight Taliban Oppression of Women

Cyberspace is crucial to uniting Afghan women against the Taliban oppression and heightening public awareness of the regime’s atrocities. Mavis Leno, a spokesperson for the Feminist Majority’s Campaign To Stop Gender Apartheid remarked, “It creates a brilliant way to have a very active participation in world politics, particularly with regard to human rights, a way that was never available to people without the Internet.” The Feminist Majority’s Campaign to Stop Gender Apartheid website (https://feminist.org/afghan/intro.html) is a proven organizing tool to pressure the United States Government and the United Nations, through American public action, not to support the Taliban. Women’s rights organizations all over the world, including the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA), have seized the power of the Internet in advocating women’s issues that are often not a focal point of international media. Thanks to the websites and ongoing issue raising by groups like the Feminist Majority and RAWA, the catastrophic situation of Afghan women and girls brought on by sadistic Taliban laws are included in U.S. and U.N. humanitarian and foreign policy matters.


CNN News 14 July 2000 Take Action Against Gender A

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