Women’s Telecommunications Group Founded

Atlantic-ACM Chief Executive Officer Dr. Judy Reed Smith and MultiMedia Publishing Corp. Vice President of Marketing Ilene Kaminsky have founded an new organization that they hope will serve as a public forum for women professionals in the telecommunications industry.

The Telecom Business Women’s Association will soon produce a Web site and newsletter that will give women career advice and work to expand women’s opportunities in the field of telecommunications. All women working as marketers, engineers, sales professionals, service providers, CEOs, CIOs, CFOs, presidents, and director are invited to join the group, which will hold its first meeting in late March.

Co-founder Ilene Kaminsky stated, “After realizing the absence of women on the speaking circuits in this industry, we felt that perhaps a meeting of the minds was necessary. We would certainly like to grow this association into one that provides the industry with a clearing house of professional women from every area of telecommunications.” Smith noted, “As women have gained increasing influence in business and government, we have seen a positive change in how companies are run, and ultimately thrive. I am proud to be a part of a program that highlights and encourages women to strive for success.”


Business Wire - January 11, 1999

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