Women’s Wrestling Federation Formed

A new women’s wrestling federation was formed on Tuesday that plans to offer “role models for little girls and a more dignified way to bodyslam villains.” David McClane founded Women of Wrestling, WOW, in an effort to dignify and promote athleticism among female wrestlers. He notes that presently, women wrestlers are ” a side show. . . a peep show. . .nothing I’d be proud to have a 9-year-old daughter watch.”

WOW is hoping for cable TV and pay-per-view access when they begin their matches next year in Las Vegas. In addition, they will be developing action figures and other advertising paraphernalia to promote women’s wrestling.

Selina Majors, a veteran wrestler, stated that “So far, the only exposure that women have had on television is degrading, and it’s embarrassing. We’re athletes, we’re not just thrown in there to make the men look good or to take our clothes off.” Her comment reflected the lawsuit that former women’s champion, Sable, filed against WWF upon losing her title after refusing to appear topless during a match.


AP - June 23, 1999

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