Campus Violence Against Women

Yale Fraternity That Violated Sexual Misconduct Policy Now Banned From Campus

A Yale fraternity has been banned from conducting on-campus activities until August 2016 as a result of violating the university’s sexual misconduct code.

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The fraternity Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE) will not be allowed to hold on-campus activities, use the school bulletin boards or email system to communicate, or use the fraternity’s name “in connection with the university.” SAE underwent an investigation last year following a complaint about a presentation at the fraternity’s induction ceremony in February 2014. SAE was also found guilty of inhibiting in University’s investigation of the complaint.

In addition to the sanctions from Yale, SAE has received sanctions from the national headquarters, including mandatory sexual harassment training for members. In 2011, a different Yale fraternity received a five-year ban similar to the ban for SAE after members shouted chants that supported rape culture, including “No means yes,” on a residential quadrangle.

Student Alexa Derman, public relationships coordinator for the Yale Women’s Center, said that holding organizations on campus accountable for their behavior “sends a strong message to other groups about their responsibility to contribute to a positive sexual climate on campus.”

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