Young Woman Becomes Police Chief in Mexico

Earlier this week, Marisol Valles Garcia, a young mother and criminology student, was appointed the police chief of Praxedis G. Guerrero, one of Mexico’s most dangerous municipalities in the border state of Chihuahua. She was the only person to accept this position in a city where many police officers have been kidnapped or even murdered, according to CNN.

Chihuahua has been the state most affected by drug violence, with 28,000 people killed since 2006, including the mayor and several police officers, reports The Age.

“Yes, there is fear. But what we want to achieve in our municipality is tranquility and security,” Garcia told CNN. She continued, “the weapons we have are principles and values, which are the best weapons for prevention.” Garcia plans to use a mostly female police force to restore trust between authorities and citizens, according to ABC.


CNN 10/20/10; ABC 10/20/10; The Age 10/21/10

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