Young Women Vote ’98 Establishes Online Petition

Young Women Vote ’98, a coalition of young women who care about the future, is circulating a national “Pledge- to-Vote” petition, available online at http://www.feminist.com/ywvote98.htm. Young Women Vote ’98 is urging women to elect candidates who will fight for fair pay legislation, affirmative action programs, gender equity in education, and reproductive health issues.

If pro-woman candidates are not elected into office this November, or if we lose any of our existing allies, our enemies in Congress will likely gain a veto-proof majority and erode hard-earned progress in women’s rights. Please make your voice heard! Register to vote and cast your ballot for feminist, pro-woman candidates who will fight for our reproductive rights, Social Security, pay equity, affordable child care, and protection from gender-related harassment and abuse.


Young Women Vote

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