Youth Vote A Significant Factor in Election

A recent survey conducted by students at Hamilton College and by the Zogby International polling organization shows that 76.9 percent of people aged 18-24 plan to vote this year, challenging the stereotype of young people as apathetic. The Political Attitudes of Young Americans Poll came out of a Hamilton College website, NY2K, designed to educate college students about the New York Senate race between Hillary Clinton and Rick Lazio. The poll suggests that young people are more involved in politics than popularly assumed, and that they care about substantive issues. Those polled said their top issues included education, social security, and abortion. A recent poll by the Pro-Choice Education Project (PEP) confirms the importance of abortion for young voters. PEP revealed that women aged 18-24 are more likely than the general population to call themselves pro-choice — 64 percent embrace the term. However, 66 percent do not believe that reproductive rights are under threat, or that abortion rights could be taken away. The Feminist Majority Foundation’s Campus Program launched a Get Out HER Vote Campaign tour on campuses nationwide to mobilize this strong pro-choice base and to educate students that their votes do matter. The tour hit key states Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Washington this week. The Campus Program has the largest pro-choice feminist campus network in the country, with Feminist Majority Leadership Alliances on over 100 campuses.

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PR Newswire _ October 26, 2000 and Pro-Choice Education Project and Feminist Majority Foundation

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