Abortion: Our Work

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National Clinic Access Project

The largest national program tracking violence against abortion clinics and providers, NCAP produces Annual Clinic Violence Surveys, and Anti-Abortion Violence Alerts.

Feminist Campus

Check out Feminist Campus, a program of the Feminist Majority Foundation, for campaigns including:

Expose Fake Clinics

They advertise as so-called “Crisis Pregnancy Centers” (CPCs) or “Pregnancy Resource Centers,” but in reality, most are not medical facilities at all. Fake clinics will often pop up near actual abortion providers in order to draw clinic patients away and prevent them from receiving neutral and comprehensive medical advice. The goal of these fake clinics is to discourage people from seeking abortion care through the use of intimidation, misinformation, and coercion. There are thousands of these clinics nationwide, many of which actively receive federal funding through abstinence-only policies.


Abortion providers are the targets of an orchestrated campaign of harassment and intimidation. Feminist Campus organizations help by adopting their local reproductive healthcare clinic to protect the clinic from anti-abortion harassment, bolster the morale of clinic staff and patients, and call local attention to anti-choice extremists.

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