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1996 Clinic Violence Survey Report


Less Than Half of Clinics Won Legal Remedies Sought

During the first seven months of 1996, one in ten clinics (10.9%) turned to the courts for relief from clinic violence. Of these 34 clinics, 13 sought restraining orders, 3 temporary injunctions, and 5 permanent injunctions. In 1995, 15.2% of clinics sought legal remedies.

Less than half (41.2%) of the clinics which sought legal remedies actually won protections. The percentage of clinics obtaining restraining orders continued to decline. Only 6 of the 13 clinics seeking restraining orders in 1996 won. In 1995, 46.2% of clinics won the restraining orders that they sought; 62.5% of clinics obtained desired restraining orders in 1994.

Only one of the three clinics seeking a temporary injunction in 1996 obtained it, which represents a lower rate of success than in 1994 and 1995. Of the five clinics who sought a permanent injunction in 1996, 60% (3) were successful. In 1995, 72.2% of clinics won the permanent injunctions for which they filed. Only 27.8% of clinics in 1994 won the permanent injunctions that they had requested.

Some clinics noted their disappointment in legal protections. A clinic administrator commented, "While visible anti activities have diminished, behind the scenes (covert) has continued. The lack of conviction for contempt of court has all but vacated the injunction."