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1996 Clinic Violence Survey Report


Clinics Enthusiastic About Medical Abortion; Mifepristone First Choice, Methotrexate Second Choice

Abortion rights advocates have long contended that by increasing the number of abortion providers and decentralizing the provision of abortion services the availability of medical abortion in the United States will diminish anti-abortion tactics of violence, intimidation, and harassment directed at clinics and clinic personnel. As mifepristone (formerly known as RU 486) moves closer and closer to U.S. introduction, clinics in the survey expressed strong interest in making the medical method of early abortion available to their patients. Over two-thirds (69.9%) of clinics said they were interested in providing mifepristone at their medical facility. Of the clinics in the survey, only 6.7% stated they were not interested in mifepristone; 23.7% did not know whether or not they would be interested in administering mifepristone.

Methotrexate is clearly the second choice for clinics as a method of medical abortion. Over half of clinics (54.2%) said they were interested in providing methotrexate. Almost all clinics (93.5%) interested in methotrexate also wanted to provide mifepristone; the remaining 6.5% of clinics were undecided about mifepristone. In contrast, only 72.8% of clinics interested in mifepristone also were interested in methotrexate.

Non-profit clinics were more interested in the provision of medical abortion than for-profit clinics or private doctors’ offices. Of the non-profit clinics, 84.4% were interested in administering mifepristone, compared with 62.6% of for-profit clinics and 66.3% of private doctors’ offices. Methotrexate was of interest to 78.9% of non-profit clinics, 39.7% of clinics and 53.5% of private doctors’ offices.