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Activists Arrested in Voting Rights Demonstration

Twenty-five activists were arrested in front of the White House on Tuesday. The Action was to urge President Biden to use his influence with the Senate to garner the votes needed for passage of the Voting Rights Act or to end the Filibuster.

The activists were demonstrating for Voting Rights and demanding that Congress “fix or nix” the Filibuster.  Earlier this month, five activists were arrested, and the activists are increasing their numbers every action.  They plan to return every two weeks until victory is won. 

The Action was organized by People for the American Way, League of Women Voters, Black Votes Matter, and other allied groups. The arrests included board members of People For the American Way, including actor Alyssa Milano, Rev. Tim McDonald, and Rabbi David Saperstein. Virginia Kase Solomón, Executive Director of League of Women Voters, was also arrested, along with other civil rights and religious leaders, and activists. The demonstration included a spirited crowd speaking, chanting, and singing.

Activists are applying pressure as both the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act and the Freedom to Vote Act have passed in the House and await Senate action. Today, Senate Majority Leader Schumer has scheduled a test vote on the Voting Rights bills. As states draw redistricting maps that will affect Congressional elections for the next decade, federal legislation is critical.

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