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Afghanistan’s Judicial System Takes Another Hit as the Taliban Abolishes the Attorney General’s Office

In a recent attack on Afghanistan’s judicial system, the Taliban has abolished the Attorney General’s Office. Instead, they have replaced it with the “Directorate of Supervision and Prosecution of Decrees and Orders” which is designed to ensure the implementation of the Taliban’s orders in public and private life. 

The provided explanation for this change was to avoid bureaucratic delays and streamline the judicial process. 

Under the new system, some of the previous duties of the Attorney General’s Office have been turned over to courts and intelligence services. Intelligence agencies can ensure the implementation of orders, and disputed court cases “will proceed through [their] own channels in whatever way things can be done best.” Key duties such as the supervision of discovery and investigation, however, have been removed. 

Many fear that this move will hinder the effectiveness of the justice system. Without a body like the Attorney General’s Office, there is little room for key oversight measures. 

The Taliban has already been known to persecute lawyers and judges from the previous Republic government and restrict the practice of female lawyers. Furthermore, their processes to ensure compliance with edicts and orders often include repression and violence. This decision therefore represents a continuation of their attempts to limit the rule of law through a restructuring of Afghanistan’s government. 


Tolonews 7/18/2023

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