Alabama Mayor Mark Chambers Post Violent Anti-LGBT Rhetoric Faces Calls for Resignation

This week, Hometown Action and Equality Alabama have started petitions calling for the resignation of Mark Chambers, Mayor of Carbon Hill, Alabama following his comments posted on June 4th on his personal Facebook page advocating for the “killing” of the LGBTQ community. This statement has caused backlash from his constituents and the LGBTQ Community. Chambers has posted an apology to his personal Facebook page, but refuses to resign.

Hometown Action, a collective group of Alabamians leading the petition drive states, “ No elected official who promotes violence against LGBTQ folx or any group of people should be allowed to continue serving in office.”

The resignation petitions, carried by The Action Network and, are being sent to Governor Kay Ivey and Senator Doug Jones. The petitions have already gained 628 signatures and are expected to make their goal by the end of the day to demand Chambers’ resignation.

These comments were made during pride month, a celebration of the LGBTQ community, and in the midst of the deaths of 3 transgender women in Dallas, TX, last Monday.

Alabama has no state-wide policy protection for the LGBTQ community, directly exposing the community to discrimination in multiple spheres of their daily lives. Municipalities such as Birmingham and Montevallo, Alabama have passed their own city-wide non discrimination ordinance, protecting members of the LGTBQ community from discrimination in public facilities, employment, and housing.


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