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Women Face Food Insecurity in the Wake of Coronavirus Outbreak

Abby J. Liebman and Liza Lieberman are the President and CEO and Director of Public Policy at MAZON: A Jewish Response to Hunger. Learn more about their important and vital work here. Many of us are stunned by the coronavirus outbreak, unsure exactly what to do or how to proceed. Should we stockpile food? Work […]

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Fiscal Policies Can Increase Female Workforce Participation

Equitable workforce opportunities for women are beneficial to everyone, but research from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) shows that female workforce participation still lags greatly behind that of men. Due to the stubborn persistence of gender gaps in wages and educational opportunities, the average female workforce participation rate is 20 percentage points behind the male […]

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Trump’s New Budget Cuts Benefits for the Most Vulnerable

President Trump released a $44.8 trillion budget on Monday which includes deep cuts to student loan assistance, affordable housing, food stamps, and Medicaid. It does however include an increase in spending for the military, national defense, border enforcement, individual income tax cuts, and even allocates money for the “Space Force” initiative. The budget plans recommends […]

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U.S. Healthcare Spending Exceeds Most Other Countries According to the OECD

In comparison to the twenty countries that make up the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)- Australia, Chile, Germany, and France, just to name a few- the United States is grossly overspending on basic healthcare. While the median country in the OECD spends roughly nine percent of its Gross Domestic Product (GDP) on healthcare, […]

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Chloe McKenzie Wants to Close the Wealth Gap for Black Women

In 2015, Chloe McKenzie, a former JP Morgan investor, launched Black Fem – an organization “dedicated to breaking the intergenerational cycle of poverty”. The racial wealth gap is still steadily widening, according to studies done by Prosperity Now and the Institute for Policy Studies. When asked about why she wanted to start Black Fem, Ms. […]

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WNBA and Players’ Union Propose Historic Collective Bargaining Agreement

In a time where female athletes across sports are speaking out against gender discrimination and pay inequalities, the WNBA has positioned itself as a leader by coming to a potential collective bargaining agreement (CBA) with the players’ union that features salary increases, maternal and family leave benefits, and improved travel accommodations. This agreement takes steps […]

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Afghan Saffron in High Demand

In an attempt to replace opium cultivation in Afghanistan, the Afghan government has continued to increase its efforts to replace the deadly plant with saffron cultivation. Saffron cultivation began in Herat, in the western part of the country, and is now being grown in 33 provinces of the 34 provinces in Afghanistan. Farmers are being […]


The Apple Credit Card is Being Investigated for Sexism by a U.S. Regulator

A U.S. financial regulator has opened an investigation into claims Apple’s credit card offered different credit limits for men and women. It follows complaints that algorithms used to set credit card limits may be inherently biased against women. “My wife and I filed joint tax returns, live in a community-property state, and have been married […]

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Pete Buttigieg Releases Plan to Boost Women’s Economic, Social and Political Empowerment

Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg unveiled a 26-page agenda focused entirely on women’s rights Thursday, one of the most detailed plans focused on women so far in the Democratic primary. The Indiana mayor’s agenda promises to close the gender pay and wealth gaps by guaranteeing equal pay for equal work while also addressing the ways […]

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Esther Duflo Wins Nobel Prize in Economics for Work Addressing Global Poverty

Esther Duflo, a researcher from Cambridge, Massachusetts, alongside two others, has been awarded this year’s Nobel Memorial Prize for economics. Duflo is part of a trio of researchers from Cambridge, Massachusetts, including her husband Abhijit Banerjee and colleague Michael Kremer, to win the prestigious prize for their work in addressing global poverty. “This year’s Laureates […]

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Charities Dedicated to Women and Girls Receive Only 1.6% of All Donations, Study Finds

A new report finds that American philanthropic support dwindles when it comes to nonprofits dedicated to addressing breast cancer, women’s entrepreneurship, domestic violence and childhood malnutrition — all primarily women’s issues. According to a comprehensive report released Thursday from the Women and Girls Institute, Americans gave $6.3 billion to nonprofits focused on women and girls […]


According to a New Report, the Number of Women-Owned Business is at an All-Time High

According to a report published Monday by American Express, the number of women-owned businesses in America has taken off in recent years. American Express’ annual State of Women-Owned Businesses Report — which merges data from the Bureau of Economic Analysis and the Census Bureau — estimates America’s total number of businesses led by women climbed […]

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Independence Day Afghan Women’s Handicraft Exhibition Uplifts Communities

This week, a three-day long exhibition of handicrafts made by Afghan women was showcased in Afghanistan’s capital city, Kabul, to celebrate the country’s 100th independence day. The handicraft exhibition was a part of several other upcoming programs focused on celebrating Afghan culture, people, and history. Women from the capital and neighboring provinces were able to […]


School District Threatens to Send Children into Foster Care over School Lunch Debt

Forty parents in the Pennsylvania Wyoming Valley West School District received letters this week from district officials threatening to remove their child from their home and place their child in foster care if they do not pay their child’s school lunch debt. Out of the district’s annual 80 million dollar budget, $22,000 dollars is owed […]

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U.S. Women’s Soccer Team Wins World Cup Title

The U.S. women’s national soccer team defeated the Netherlands on Sunday in an impressive and exciting match, securing its fourth Women’s World Cup title. Star players Megan Rapinoe and Rose Lavelle both scored a goal in the second-half, giving the U.S. a comfortable lead that it successfully sustained for the remainder of the match. At […]


Alabama Legislature passes Equal Pay Act

Last week, the Alabama legislature passed HB225, prohibiting employers from having discrepancies in pay among employees that do equal work. The law will go into place in August 2019, to ensure equal pay excluding seniority and merit, to all working citizens of Alabama. The democratic representative, Rep. Adline Clake, was inspired to write the bill […]