Desiree Linden Becomes First American Woman to Win Boston Marathon in Over Three Decades

Desiree Linden won the women’s division of the Boston Marathon on Monday; the first American woman to win the race since 1985. It was a big day for American women, who claimed seven of the top eight spots in the race. The conditions were terrible  But Linden pushed her way through a powerful headwind and cold rain to triumph at the Boston Marathon- the first time a U.S. woman has won in 33 years. Linden was almost speechless as she crossed the finish line embracing her husband and coach. “It’s supposed to be hard,” Linden told reporters after the face, shivering with a wreath atop her head. “It’s good to get it done.”

While her winning time of 2 hours, 39 minutes and 54 seconds isn’t her personal best, it was enough to bring her to victory given the poor weather conditions. In the 2011 Boston Marathon, Linden came in second, just two seconds behind winner Caroline Kilel. Linden is also a two-time Olympian medalist. Winning this years’ marathon has been a personal goal of Linden for years.

Linden represented the United States at both the London 2012 and Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympic Games.

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