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Diabetes Patients Struggle To Find Essential Supplies During Pandemic

As many Americans have scoured the shelves at local stores for disinfectant supplies and toilet paper, people with diabetes have been desperately searching for rubbing alcohol or alcohol swaps which are commonly used to manage diabetes care. These necessary diabetic care supplies have been among cleaning supplies which have been mass-purchased by members of the public who are concerned about contracting coronavirus themselves.

However, this has obviously made it increasingly difficult for diabetics to find much needed items, at a time when people with diabetes, along with everyone else, should be staying at home.

One attorney from North Carolina commented, “We’re all supposed to be staying at home, and I’m going to 10 different stores. That’s also not safe.” Those with diabetes are among the list of those who are at risk for severe illness, if they were to contract COVID-19 themselves, along with adults older than 65, residents of nursing homes, those with lung diseases, asthma, serious heart conditions, or other illnesses which would cause one to be immunocompromised (such as cancer, HIV, or AIDS).

At the American Diabetes Association, vice president of community impact, Kelly Mueller said that people with diabetes should instead wash their hands and injection/infusion sites before proceeding with testing blood sugar levels and then insulin delivery. Cleanliness during this process is of the utmost importance right now, as it will help fight off possible infections.

Patients with diabetes are urged to be extremely vigilant and cautious during this global pandemic. Members of the public are reminded: “Don’t hoard something that you don’t really need, because the people who really need it can’t get it.”


Sources: Kaiser Health News 04/03/2020; CDC 2020

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