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It’s Election Day! Find Out Where and How to Vote and What’s at Stake

It’s Election Day! That means that unless you voted early or absentee, today’s your last chance to have your voice heard at the polls. There’s a lot at stake for women, people of color, and young people in this election – and your vote matters. Women’s votes have historically shaped elections, and there’s no reason this year should be any different!

If you’re not entirely sure how to vote, we’ve got you covered. Our state-by-state voter information guide will guide you through registration, what you need to bring to your polling place, and where you should go to cast your ballot.


Once you get there, you might find yourself making some big decisions on ballot measures. Our ballot measures portal will help you decide how to vote.


If you already voted, that’s awesome! Share your story or tell us what matters to you using the hashtag #ShowOUT and tell the world why you were proud to do your civic duty!

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