One Vote Splits the Virginia State House Between Democrats and Republicans

On Tuesday, a ballot recount over a contested seat in the Virginia House of Delegates ended in a one-vote victory for Democratic candidate Shelly Simonds, resulting in a 50-50 split of the state house between Republicans and Democrats. Though the results must be certified by a three judge panel on Wednesday, Simonds is expected to represent the 94th district, located in Newport News, Virginia, unseating Republican incumbent David Yancey.


HERvotes Blog Carnival: #StandUpforWomen! Defeat the Ryan Budget

by Eleanor Smeal, Feminist Majority Foundation and KristinRowe-Finkbeiner, Tomorrow the House of Representatives will vote on the Ryan Budget.  It is devastating to women’s advancement and to programs that women want and need.  It is the budget that women overwhelming voted against in the 2012 election with a decisive gender gap.  HERvotes, with its […]


This Season’s Paul Ryan? Eric Cantor Takes On VAWA

By Terry O’Neil, National Organization for Women House Majority Leader Eric Cantor is a powerful player on Capitol Hill who has pretty much flown under the radar with the general public. But I predict that won’t be true much longer. Now that Cantor is taking the lead on blocking reauthorization of an inclusive version of […]


Advocating for an Inclusive VAWA

by Amanda Reed, Communications Intern at the National Organization for Women On Feb. 12, the Senate passed an inclusive version of the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) that would include provisions for previously-unprotected groups. Last week, the House revealed its own version of VAWA: a watered-down, non-inclusive bill that cuts out these protections. Sound familiar? […]


Prioritizing Campus Safety

There is a crisis at colleges and universities across the nation­. In just the first six weeks of 2013, a Huffington Post survey found 75 instances of sexual assaults reported on college campuses. This is outrageous, but we shouldn’t be surprised. A U.S. Department of Justice study found that around 28 percent of womenare targets […]


Save #VAWA! Pass the Violence Against Women Act: A HERVotes Blog Carnival

by Eleanor Smeal, Feminist Majority Foundation and Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner, UPDATE (2/28/2013): VICTORY! The House of Representatives decided to stand with students, Native Americans, immigrants, and the LGBT community and passed the Senate inclusive #VAWA in a vote 286-138! ———— At last the House will vote on the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) today. The […]


Know Your November Ballot: Reproductive Rights

In the weeks leading up to Election Day, Ms. will be outlining state ballot initiatives and referenda of major significance to women. I know what you’re (wishfully) thinking: By 2012, American women should already have easy access to, and public funding for, abortions—with the most minimal-to-nonexistent restrictions. Unfortunately, the opposite is true: In state legislatures […]


REGISTER TO VOTE! It’s not too late…YET!

Voter registration day may be coming to a close…but you still have time to register! Most voter registration deadlines are in early October though, so you don’t have much time left! In 2008, six million Americans didn’t vote. Today, September 25th, marks National Voter Registration Day. If you haven’t registered already, register now. Then tell […]


No Copay Day and You

American women should be celebrating today because an important provision of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is going into effect. Birth control will officially be available to women with no copay, as will breast exams, breast-feeding support, domestic violence counseling, HPV testing, and many other services.  These preventative services will save women a huge sum […]


HERvotes Blog Carnival: Celebrating the ACA and New Coverage for Preventative Care!

By Cindy Pearson, co-founder, National Women’s Health Network HERvotes is joining our voices together in a blog carnival to celebrate and defend women’s preventive services, including contraception.  Starting August 1, all new insurance plans have to cover seven preventive services with no extra fees.  That means women won’t have to put off their well-woman exam […]


Saving VAWA

By Rev. Dr. E. Faye Williams, Chair of the National Congress of Black Women If you have ever been beaten, kicked, punched, slapped by a partner who claims to love you, it is not difficult for you to understand why it’s mandatory to have the Violence Against Women Act.  If you’ve ever had a daughter, […]


Families, the Wage Gap, and the Economy

More women as the primary breadwinners? More men staying at home and taking care of the kids? This may sound like a prime step to gender equality and the eradication of gender roles, but unfortunately the reality is not as cheerful. Women may be replacing men as primary breadwinners in many families, but women still […]


HERvotes Blog Carnival: It’s Time to Pass the Paycheck Fairness Act!

By Fatima Goss Graves, Vice President for Education and Employment at the National Women’s Law Center For this 14th #HERvotes blog carnival, we’re blogging about equal pay and the need for the Paycheck Fairness Act – which will be on the Senate floor for a vote next week. Why do we need the Paycheck Fairness […]


HERvotes Blog Carnival: National Women’s Health Week

By Cindy Pearson, co-founder of Raising Women’s Voices for the Health Care We Need For the 13th #HERvotes blog carnival, we’re celebrating National Women’s Health Week.  The federal government launched National Women’s Health Week ten years ago in an effort to improve women’s health by building awareness about things like exercise, healthy eating and the […]


HERvotes Blog Carnival: Economic Security

by Terry O’Neill, National Organization for Women In time for Mothers Day, the 12th HERvotes blog carnival is dedicated to getting the word out about economic security for women, especially in their retirement years.  Women need better benefits — not cuts — under social safety net programs. The economic slump in both the U.S. and […]