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Moral Mondays Movement Expands to Other States for the “Moral Week of Action”

The Moral Mondays movement, which consists of weekly protests in North Carolina against the state legislature’s far-right policies, has announced a Moral Week of Action from August 22 to 28 that will take place in 11 additional states. Now, faith, labor, and social justice activists in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Mississippi, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Wisconsin will be holding protests of their own.

via Stephen Melkisethian
via Stephen Melkisethian

Moral Mondays protests have been taking place in Raleigh for almost 70 consecutive weeks. At the helm of the movement is Reverend William Barber, who preaches in advocacy of progressive ideas and has called for “a moral fusion movement” to push back against policies that harm vulnerable or otherwise underprivileged communities, often in the name of religion. The Moral Mondays movements protest issues ranging from union-busting to infringement on reproductive rights to cuts in social spending.

During the Moral Week of Action, protests will take place every day outside the North Carolina state capitol in Raleigh. Each day, those protest center on a different issue. Today was “Youth Moral Monday,” and on August 26, the activists will focus on women’s rights to commemorate Women’s Equality Day. On Thursday, August 28, voting rights will take the stage to coincide with the 51st anniversary of the March on Washington. Other participating states are holding daily rallies, and some are also hosting larger one-day events throughout the week.

Events are available via livestream. HKonJ People’s Assembly Coalition has more information about the Moral Week of Action and the events around the country.

Media Resources: RH Reality Check, 8/22/14; HKonJ, 8/11/14; Feminist Majority Foundation, 2/10/14.


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