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One Year after Peace Deal, Many Children in Central African Republic Still Suffering

Wednesday marked the one-year anniversary of the most recent peace deal between the government of the Central African Republic and the 14 major armed groups involved in a civil war.

The peace deal of February 2019 was the eighth agreement regarding the civil conflict in seven years. The African Union and United Nations took on a leading role in negotiations and implementation, optimistic that this particular agreement would finally promote peace processes. Despite extensive preparations and significant international support, the threats of violence, hunger, and poor health persist. In the first six months following the agreement, Central African armed groups and local militias were involved in a total of 83 violent events that caused 267 deaths.

In particular, many children continue to suffer. Although many armed groups have pledged to prevent further violations against children, those who have been released from armed groups lack access to resources to reintegrate into their communities, prioritize their health, and/or become financially stable. Furthermore, many children must endure the persistent trauma of sexual violence committed by armed groups as a war tactic.

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