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Students and Activists Demand Sexual Assault Reform at Dartmouth

Thousands of people are calling on Dartmouth College in New Hampshire to improve its sexual assault policies, after a student whose name appeared in a “rape guide” on a student-run website was sexually assaulted.

via Devon Buchanan
via Devon Buchanan

Women’s advocacy group UltraViolet created a petition demanding that Dartmouth “take student recommendations seriously and expel rapists, list rape as a punishable offense and expulsion as the preferred punishment in the student handbook, and block access to the ‘rape guide’ on campus.” Over 50,000 people have already signed on. You can join in and sign UltraViolet’s petition here.

Dartmouth is also currently under federal investigation for violating Title IX, which prohibits discrimination in education on the basis of sex and requires that universities ensure a safe learning environment for all students. Dozens of other universities face similar investigations for mishandling sexual assault cases, most recently Michigan State University and Pennsylvania State University.

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