Global Violence Against Women

19 Women Rescued From Baby Factory in Nigeria

19 Nigerian women were rescued from being trafficked in Lagos, where they were raped, became forcibly pregnant, and had their babies sold. On September 19, police busted a human trafficking hub in Nigeria. They rescued 19 pregnant women, aged between 15 and 28, and four children from four properties in Lagos they described as one […]

Violence Against Women

Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein Indicted on Charges of Sex Trafficking

This week, federal prosecutors charged Jeffrey Epstein, a billionaire financier, on sex crimes, including allegation that he ran a sex-trafficking ring that involved underage girls as young as 14. Multiple women have come forward accusing Epstein of sexual assault and abuse. Prosecutors say that “thousands of sexually suggestive pictures of young women and girls seized […]


Calls for Federal Investigation Over Missing DC Girls

The Congressional Black Caucus penned a letter last week to Attorney General Jeff Sessions and FBI Director James Comey asking for an investigation into the seemingly increasing number of children of color, particularly girls, who have gone missing this year in Washington D.C.