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New Laws in Northern Ireland Feature Abortion Stipulations in Wake of Decriminalization

Under new laws to soon be in effect, abortions will be allowed to take place up to 12 weeks “without conditionality” in Northern Ireland. Abortions after 12 weeks will be allowed only under certain circumstances, and the new laws stipulate that in cases of fatal foetal abnormalities there is no time limit for a person […]

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Protests Erupt across Ireland after Underwear is used as Evidence of Consent

Women across Ireland are protesting how rape trials conduct after a recent trial used a woman’s underwear as evidence of consent, leading to a man being acquitted of rape. Protesters this week in Ireland, and abroad, are using the hashtag #ThisIsNotConsent and sharing photos of women’s underwear. A social media movement began when people started […]

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“Abortion Drone” Will Fly from Ireland to Northern Ireland

On Tuesday, June 21, a drone will depart from Ireland to Northern Ireland carrying Misoprostol and Mifepristone, which are used in medication abortions. The “Abortion Drone” was made possible by a coalition of pro-choice Irish organizations, including Alliance for Choice, Rosa, Labour Alternative and Women on Waves. Its contents will allow its recipient, who is legally […]


UPDATE: Irish Leaders Affirm Need to Clarify Abortion Laws

Today, Irish Deputy Prime Minister Eamon Gilmore urged the Irish Parliament to clarify the restrictive abortion laws that lead to the death of Indian national Savita Halappanavar in Ireland last month. “It is time to bring legal clarity to the issue,” he said. “Although we will not know the full details until the investigation has […]