Reproductive Rights

Federal Judge Refuses to Block Kansas Law Prohibiting Abortion Coverage

US Senior District Judge Wesley Brown denied the American Civil Liberties Union’s (ACLU) motion to block a Kansas law that prohibits private health insurance plans from covering abortion services, except when the woman’s life is endangered. Under the law, women who seek coverage for abortion services must purchase a separate rider to cover non-lifesaving abortions. […]

Reproductive Rights

A Reprieve in South Dakota; Bad News Everywhere Else

By Kari Paul In a challenging time for reproductive rights in the U.S., it’s a relief to occasionally read a bit of good news. So here it is: Late last week, a federal court blocked South Dakota’s new anti-choice law, which would have required women to wait 72 hours–the longest, most extreme waiting period in […]


A Man Who Trusted Women

Originally Posted on RH Reality Check In her 28th week of a very wanted pregnancy in 2000, Miriam Kleiman, a government employee in Washington, D.C., and her husband, Jason, learned that their male fetus had a severe brain malformation. He would probably die shortly after birth. The couple immediately went for second, third and fourth […]