Reproductive Rights Take Action

Urgent: Act Now on Human Rights Day!

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Today, on International Human Rights Day, take action to ensure that every woman in the US has access to the reproductive healthcare and family planning services she is entitled to.


The United Nation’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights, established in 1948, states in Article 25 that every person has the right to medical care for both themselves and their families. A vital component of women’s healthcare is access to contraceptives and full reproductive healthcare, including abortion — but this fundamental human right is being denied even in the United States.

We are continuously fighting outrageous attacks on our access to abortion and birth control at the federal, state and now municipal levels. Soon, the Supreme Court will even rule on whether or not your boss can decide if you use birth control.

Tell the Supreme Court: Let women, not bosses, decide on birth control.


On International Human Rights Day, let’s come together and show lawmakers that we won’t settle for a violation of this basic right. Share the petition and tweet with us #MyBodyMyBC to spread the word.

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