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US Embassies fly Pride Flag Despite Denial from Trump Administration

Monday, Mike Pence came out in support of the Trump administration’s decision to repudiate U.S. embassies’ for flying the pride flag, making nationalist claims that only one flag can fly, after U.S Embassies in Vienna, India, and South Korea all flew the pride in celebration of the LGBTQ community, despite previous denial from Trump Administration, this past Sunday.

The administration allowed embassies to fly the flag on exterior walls or inside the embassies. Some countries bypassed this rule and proudly showed their support for the pride flag, and the LGBTQ community, on their flagpoles. The Jerusalem and Nepal embassy even sent delegates to their city’s pride celebration to show support for the marginalized community.

This differs from President Obama’s administration, which allowed embassies to fly the pride flag freely.

This exclusion of celebration of pride month from the administration follows Trump’s view on the LGTBQ in the military. In April of 2019, a ban on transgender individuals in the military and removing medical access for active duty trans- folk in the military went into effect. This ban impacts 15,000 active duty transgender troops.


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