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War in Afghanistan Has “No Islamic Justification”

In an interview, the president of the International Union of Muslim Scholars said that the war in Afghanistan has no Islamic justification. Sheikh Ahmad Al-Raissouni said that the killing of Muslims is a “great sin” and that carrying out suicide attacks against Muslims is “prohibited” in Islam.

He said, “I told some of the Taliban that there is no justification and Islamic reason for the ongoing war in Afghanistan. Even the killing of a single person in the current war is against Islamic law.”

The Taliban often justify their war against Afghans and the Afghan government by calling it “Islamic,” arguing it’s for the liberation from their western oppressors. In recent years, however, this issue has sparked reactions from several global Islamic scholars. He also stated that while negotiations are proceeding, there is a need “to stop the war,” referring to a ceasefire, something that the Afghan people really demand.

Speaking on the rise of violence, he said, “I can say categorically that the killing of a person will send someone to the bottom of hell. Killing is a crime, the current murdering and killing is a crime.”

In his address to the Parliament, the President of Afghanistan, Ashraf Ghani made a similar statement that there is “no religious justification” for the Taliban’s war against the Afghan people. President Ghani stated that “The Taliban do not have any Islamic reason for war.” He continued on to say that the Afghan religious scholars asked the Taliban to settle the issues based on the Quranic verses and the teachings of the Prophet, but the Taliban insists that the base should be their agreement with the U.S. You can judge now who really represents Islam.”

In the last two months, Afghans have been bearing witness to one of the most horrific increases in violence in their country to date. The Taliban signed a deal with the United States on February 29th of this year in which the Taliban agreed to not attack American allied forces in Afghanistan. In contrast, the Taliban increased its attacks against the Afghan people and Afghan security forces, leaving dozens of women, children and men murdered and wounded every day.

The Afghan government’s armed forces have been fighting back against the Taliban fighters but they are not committing offensive attacks against the Taliban since the U.S-Taliban deal. The Taliban is using their attacks as leverage at the peace talks.

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